Monday, July 09, 2007

Georgia on our minds - and soon to be on our tags

Well, folks, we're in! And, by "in", I mean it's all somewhere within the confines of our walls and/or garage and/or parents' houses. (We still haven't collected all of that.) But we have our couch, mattress, clothes, and computers inside. We also have a cat who LOVES windows close to the floor and running up and down stairs. He has also decided that he LOVES to scare us by sleeping on the railing that looks over the two story living room - meaning that if he fell, it'd be a LONG way down - AND he's decided that he loves to pee on our new china cabinet. That's fun. :-/

I'll put up pics VERY soon. (I'm currently in Clanton and therefore away from the camera and its USB cord.)

Blast is July 20 and 21. If you're in Clanton (or can get there), you should come. Should be a good one!!

Love & Shipoopies!