Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The thermometer says WHAT?!?

Round ONE:
The typical southern nightime snowfall. It began around 4pm and snowed until 8 or so. Unfortunately, it then warmed up enough that it turned to rain and made most of the snow disappear before morning.

Round TWO:
This time, it began snowing before noon. It snowed pretty hard for a few hours and hovered right around 32 degrees most of the day, allowing the snow to stay for a while.

If you look closely in this picture (between the tree and the stones), you can see the kind of snowman MOST southerners get to build - as it's all our average snowfall will allow. :-)

Drew and I found that noone had disturbed the neighborhood park snow when we got there, so we used a VERY large portion of it to build our own snowman. Because we were a few blocks from the house, his non-snow structure is relatively rough and VERY impromptu. All of you northerners will notice a SURE sign of a southern snowman - leaves, dirt, and debris all over the snowman, as our snow is never deep enough to not pick up the smut off of the ground when rolling the snowballs. :-) (If you look closely, you can see baby Tucker peeking out during her first week of snow.)

The REAL beauty of southern winter - the day AFTER the snow, we got INSANELY freezing temps. It had "warmed up" to 20 degrees by 9:45 am. It never even got CLOSE to freezing all day that day. (I remind you - the day AFTER the snow.)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And the innies have it!!!

We had our ultrasound today. We both went into the appointment assuming it would all be about boy or girl and we both left saying, "There's a BABY in there!!!" That is one AMAZING doctor's appointment! It is amazing to see a little baby with flailing arms and know that it's inside of me!!! WOW!!!

Here are the first online pics of Tucker Elise Bowers.

Tucker's little profile

Sweet little footprint

It's a girl!!

Facing the camera


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Innies and Outies

Just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow's the big day. We get to see the baby again tomorrow (new pics that resemble a baby more than a piece of rice this time) and we find out innie or outie. Yipee!!!