Friday, September 26, 2008

So I'm not a real awards show kind of person and the Emmys this year, for the most part, were no exception. There were a few comedians who were quite funny (Ricky Jervais, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and, OF COURSE, Steve Martin) and I enjoyed the bit about the Smothers Brothers. But the one gem from the show is something we all can enjoy! Josh Groban did a medley of TV theme songs and it is FABULOUS!!! Even if you don't know all of the shows, most of them are very familiar, and all of them are made funny simply by the fact that it's Josh Groban singing them. :-) Enjoy!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rockettes, Here I Come!

I realize that for most babies, this is old hat by now, but for my sweet baby, kicking and pushing with those sweet little feet is a new adventure. :-) Hooray for harness-free life!
Drew, Leslie, & Tucker

Three of My Favorites

Sleeping Beauty
*This picture is just SO Tucker.*

Bathing Cutie

Pure Joy


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Harness-free -- Way to be!!!

First pair of pants :-D



So this video has two purposes. The first is for you to see the HUGE hiccups my daughter gets regularly (so funny). The second is for you to see the cute baby feet we have all been without for over 3 months now. :-) yipee!!

Drew, Leslie, and Tucker

Monday, September 22, 2008

OOOOH, TOES....for some people...

*For those of you who recognize this quote, I apologize for how insanely inappropriate it is for this moment, but you get my point...*
DRUMROLL, PLEASE!!! We got the harness off today! Yipee!!! I get to see baby toes anytime I dang well please now. :-) How fabulous is that?!? Here's some pics from the day.

Sleeping on Daddy during our hour plus wait for the doctor.

with Dr. Schrader, her Ortho

in her first set of bloomers (that were almost too small) ha!

with Daddy in front of the children's pictures in the lobby

with Mommy outside the doctor's office
As we expected, she has had a couple of small panicked moments, but most of our day has been spent happy and kicking. We are having SO MUCH FUN. We're having to re-learn some things, and holding her is completely different ~ in such a delightful way!!! What a joy!!!
Drew, Leslie, and Tucker

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Has it really been 3 months?!?


It is beyond comprehension... CUTE this child is!!! Three months pics at Target. SO CUTE!!!

** Any guesses where Daddy is in the above picture?**



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prepare to smile

This is my favorite one so far!!! After bathtime tonight, Drew started playing peek-a-boo with Tucker and she began giggling so loudly that I heard her from downstairs (where I was locating her comb). SO STINKING CUTE!!!

A Step Back In Time

So for a brief moment today, I thought I'd step back in time to a simpler time -- back when I was constantly sharing videos of my CAT rather than my BABY. ;) tee-hee. All I'll say about this video is my cat is a total goober!


Monday, September 08, 2008

A random spattering...

Keelin holding Tucker and posing. *please note the toes flexed in concentration*

Tucker during her first Bama game with Uncle Scott and Aunt Brittany (and receiving a back massage from Carly).

"Enjoying" her first Bama game asleep on Mama.

What Brittany has dubbed "Tucker eating Carly" -- Tucker was so happy wrapped around Carly. :-)

Daddy helping Tucker show off her "oooh" - something a choral Daddy can be SOOO proud of.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Two thoughts:
1.) As I watch the video in the previous post ("Eating Ellie") I see SO MUCH Mama in her (Sheri, that is). She's such a meshing of all of our traits that there are times when she looks JUST like me or JUST like Drew and when she's mad, JUST like Scott. But in just her everyday inquisitiveness, I see Sheri ALL OVER that face. :-)
2.) Just got off the phone with the Ortho office. We have her next appointment made for September 22nd. Let's start praying now for a healthy hip and a harness removal. :-)

Eating Ellie

A new Tucker video -- Sorry it's been so long, but I was out of town this weekend for Scott and Britt's shower. Tucker has begun developing hand/eye coordination. She can consistently get her hand in her mouth and keep it there (and sounds like she's trying to eat it when this happens). She has also begun grabbing Ellie's ** feet and getting them into her mouth. (Everything goes to the mouth now.)

**I tried to name the elephant "Little Al" but I got THE LOOK from D about that, so he named her Ellie instead. :-) Ah well. Can't blame a girl for trying. :-)