Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A few observations...

For those of you who have been following Cosmo's journey, I thought I would make a few observations for you. The first is that Cosmo loves to help. His favorite thing to "help" with is my work. This began with his pacing across my lap in my chair while I was working. It then progressed to sleeping in my lap. It became lying in my lap for a few minutes, onto the desk, pace to the window, sit and look out the window for a few, then back to my lap. However, I was not giving him "ample" attention today during the pacing route, and this is what it became...

He actually plopped down ONTO my hand while it was on the mouse -- paws outstretched to the keyboard. What a crazy cat!!!

My second observation is this -- Cos is a bit of a klepto. He has tried to steal a number of pieces of paper off of my desk. We've also found him with some of my hair clips and a quarter. However, the BEST of the thefts was early Friday morning when I stepped out of the kitchen and looked toward the living room looking for Cosmo and I saw a Mardi Gras mask walking towards me. It was literally floating above the ground moving towards me. I, of course, could not get to the camera fast enough, but Drew held the mask so you can see what this would look like (without his hand, of course).

Cosmo had stealthily removed the mask from the shelf upon which it rested and got it into his mouth JUST RIGHT so that it looked like he was actually WEARING the mask. Below is a picture of the guilty party trying to look innocent right after dropping the mask. :-D

He cracks us up more and more each day. And also, just for Nolan's knowledge, he made it into the bedroom by Thursday night (2 whole nights later). Drew actually calls him to bed when he's heading that way now! :-) Drew's loving him.

Love & Shipoopies,

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I could be wrong, but I THINK he's starting to get more comfortable here in BR. :-)

Love & Shipoopies,

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Very Obvious..."

I have a confession to make. I married a "Peanuts" enthusiast. He loves Charlie Brown and his wacky friends. We have the movies (so many of them), a book of the Complete Peanuts 1957-1958 (thanks, Robby), and a daily calendar for the second year in a row. Though (and I hope I won't be stoned for saying this) I don't always find the Peanuts cartoons funny (I really don't like the ones with the Snoopy's brothers and I rarely like the ones where he's the WWI pilot), occassionally one comes off of that calendar that is a keeper. Most of these keepers involve the classroom. The man had a way of getting to the heart of a preteen/teenager. Hysterical!!! I wanted to share two of these gems with you guys!

Very obvious...

Love & Shipoopies,
Joe Bania


I wanted to update you guys on Cosmo's transition (for those of you who have been following Cosmo's journey on Nolan's page). We picked Cosmo up in Slidell, LA last night and brought him to our place in Baton Rouge. The ride was pretty uneventful and Cosmo slept most of the way, though every time we would have to slow down drastically, it would wake him up and he'd meow a few times -- just restating his objection to the whole process. :-D ha!

We brought him inside, fixed his cat box and food dishes and then let him out of his cage. He immediately began pacing and sniffing, which he did constantly for at least the first hour. This, at one point, included a discovery of the piano and the noise it makes when walked upon (which scared him tremendously). He's been pretty funny scaring himself. :-D He then began finding temporary hiding places for rest between bouts of pacing and sniffing.

He hid under our television cabinet with the weights,

came out to pace some more,

hid under Drew's desk,

and under the dining table. What you can't really see in this picture is that he was finally starting to assert his "ownership" once he made it to the dining chairs. He's sitting in one with his paws stretched out all of the way across the the chair opposite him. :-D Pretty funny.

This morning, however, he has let us pet him for more than a split second, hopped up on the couch with us, and even jumped into my lap at my desk with me a few times (though never more than a minute). He's starting to figure this place out and get comfortable. Pretty soon, he'll be the king of the palace. (What cat isn't the king of his palace?!?)

Drew is pretty excited about the whole process. He keeps watching Cosmo's every move and questioning it. He pouted when Cosmo wouldn't let Drew pet him or play with the laser pointer last night and ran to excitedly tell me when both happened this morning. He also called after he left for finals this morning to make sure that I could still SEE Cosmo because he "didn't see him sneak out, but they can be pretty fast, you know." There was also mention last night of MAYBE opening the bedroom door after Cosmo had had a few nights "on his own" to get settled. :-D All of this from the man who doesn't like "indoor pets".

Love and Shipoopies,
Leslie, Drew, and Cosmo