Sunday, February 22, 2009

My View

As we were riding home today, I found myself continuously turning around to check on our girl as she slept in the back -- my own precious view on our drives. I decided I had to capture it today.


Our Girls

Pictures of Tucker and Carly together are always fun!
At first, Tucker wasn't sure she was interested. :-)

Carly was interested from the start - and tried to EAT Tucker. :-) (Payback for Christmas, maybe.) Actually, Carly was just squealing and reaching to grab Tucker.

Tucker "kissing" Carly. (How many pictures are we going to have where it appears one baby is eating the other?) haha!

They actually did this on their own. (Nana's just making sure no one falls off the bed.) Carly leaned on Tucker and Tucker curled her head in to snuggle. It was VERY sweet!!!

And then it ALL FELL DOWN!!! :-D

Mmmm, Crackers!!

Tucker has finally started getting that "pincher grasp" and thus we have begun trying Cheerios and little baby "puffs". She loves getting them into her mouth (and has gotten rather good at it), however, once they are in, THIS is what we see every time. (This is usually followed by tear-filled laughter and Tucker looking at the two of us like we're nuts.)

Oh, this child! She brings us so much laughter!!!

My Paw Paw and My Wheels

After Agnes's funeral, we went to Paw Paw's for lunch and a short visit. Paw Paw finally got to hold Tucker for the first time. (There were a list of issues preventing this at all our previous visits.) Tucker also got to borrow Madden's ride. She LOVED it!!!

With Paw Paw

Her hands immediately went to the wheel like she knew JUST what to do!

"Check me out!"

"This is a mighty nice ride!"

Just Chillin'


Thursday, February 19, 2009

She IS a West!!!

Tucker came home from daycare today with a new "thing". She began sticking her tongue out constantly! Every time she giggled, the tongue came out. I'm not talking about peaking out either! I mean full-on tongue hanging out! Drew and I laughed until tears came up more than once, which only made her laugh harder, which made the tongue come out more. It became a HILARIOUS vicious cycle. :-) haha!
(For those of you who don't know, tongues out in concentration is a West family trait.)

Love, Shipoopies, and TONGUES,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Swing or Not to Swing -- There IS no question!

Now that it's a bit warmer and so beautiful outside, we decided to take Tucker up to a nearby playground to try out her first swing. She had MUCH fun! Her favorite part was watching the other kids playing all around her (as you can see in her open-mouthed stare in the video). Every once in a while, she'd get very excited about the swinging and begin squealing and kicking her feet. VERY CUTE!!! (You can also notice in the last picture that she might be a teensie bit too small for these swings still. tee-hee!)

The Bowers Fam

Got me some kicks!

We decided that since Tucker is walking now, we needed to change from her black patten (even on the bottom) shoes for her cute little courderoy tennies with grips on the bottom! They are TOO FUNNY on her. :-)

She has also started pulling herself up on things (though all the things that are short enough to work right now are things that we have to hold down on the other side so they don't tip over, such as a laundry basket). ha! She's VERY proud of herself once she accomplishes this task! :-)


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Uncs

While in town for Aunt Mollye's funeral, Tucker got to visit with some of those GREAT Uncles that she has.

Uncle Johnny (McKee)

Uncle Ric (West)



Look at those curls!!!

She inadvertently covered herself while rolling and playing with the blanket. Too funny!

"What happened?!?"

"Yeah, I'm THAT cool!"

A Random Spattering

These are showing her carpet burn from a spill at daycare. She pulled herself out of her play ring onto her face on the floor. (That's MY girl!)

But she's happy about it!


Alivia's Baptism (Paige's baby)

Can't tell they're the same age at all, can you?

All four girls - Addisyn, Amelia, Alivia, and Tucker

Alivia looks like she's contemplating eating Tucker

Addisyn and Tucker

The whole crew
*For the West bunch, if you look, you'll find both Johnny and Pam in this pic


A Progression

Never takes long at all to get the first sock off

Mmmm, that's one GOOD sock!

Oh, the gloriousness of this sock!!!

And now I have the second one. (Note the first sock discarded at the far right edge of the picture)

We go through a lot of socks at our house. :-D


Our Visit with Aunt Nan and Tooter Booter

While Drew was out of town at a conference, Aunt Nan and Tooter Booter (Laura Kate) came to spend a night with us. We had LOTS of girly fun! :-)

Climbing all over that Tooter Booter

That's a BUNCH of cuteness!!!

Tooter took this picture. Pretty fabulous, I think!

Tooter at the camera again

Aunt Nan trying to get T to stand on her own