Monday, April 21, 2008

What does one take?

So now that the nursery is done (and I'm having Braxton Hicks pretty regularly), our next task is getting the "hospital bag" ready. Everytime I think about it, I think about new things that I need to add to my list. Music (calming and upbeat - because I'm too antsy to listen to calming music the whole time I'm there), heating pads, night gowns, socks, slippers, shoes, toiletries, stuff for the baby, something to "focus on" while delivering (is there really an object that can help this go more easily?)... this list goes on and on.

Last night, I began having Braxton Hicks crazy frequently and close together. Enough that I was making the decision of whether or not to call the doctor. Called my pediatrician friend and she gave me some advice and a "when to call" rule that ended with, "Listen to your instincts. If you do everything I say and you're still worried, call the dr. That's what they're there for." Anwyay, they began subsiding shortly after that call, so no real emergency. However, I've already had two this morning.

Maybe I should make that "hospital bag" more a reality than a theoretical list.....


Monday, April 14, 2008

The Results Show

We finally finished the nursery!!!
Here are some pics with furniture and all (ok, so there will still be more pics hung and a rocker added somewhere, but you get the gist...). It also includes the loot from our Georgia baby shower. Laura Kate was a fabulous little cousin and carried it all upstairs for me. :-)

Mama made these curtains for me. She turned the valances that came with the bedding into these based solely on my "I want this and this and this, and this might look ok" type of instructions. :-) So talented!

This is going to be our changing table. It's an old wash basin that was Drew's grandmother's. I painted the letters of Tucker's name to match the patterns in the bedding. If you look closely in the mirror, you can see Tucker. :-) tee-hee!
This is the dresser I found at the church consignment sale. So far, it's getting quite full of clothes so tiny it's hard to imagine a REAL human could EVER fit into them. :-)



Friday, April 11, 2008

A Nursery in the Hizous!!

So we finally did it!!! We finally got the nursery painted!! The nursery is not totally done, but the painting finally is (and the rest will be at least presentable by Sunday). Here's a bit of the progression:
The room began in this LOVELY shade of Brady Bunch pea green. It was ALMOST a nice lime green, but it resembled dirty diaper a bit too much for keeping. We figured we'll see this color enough as it is in this room. :-)

Mmmmm, primer is SO PRETTY!!! :-)

The final color.

The "accent wall" as it is so commonly called on design shows. :-)

More pics to follow of the finished nursery- bedding and all. :-)