Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Very First Present

I forgot I had already uploaded these pre-cord dying. These are pics of Tucker and her first present. They are especially cute because she had just learned to stand while holding onto something else - such as a present. :-)

(hat made by Mommy) :-D

The last bit until the cord is replaced

With Carly and DJ (Shugart)

Singing Karaoke with Paw

More Karaoke



Paw and Nona's

Doing my best to eat Paw's face :)

Aunt Hailey

Aiden rocking with his guitar

Some serious family fun!

Not even CLOSE to done

Man, if I could sleep that well...

Eating Mandy's face

Asleep at the Dales' house

The next big Rock Band :-D

That's right, folks!! Standing on her own as long as there's something to hold onto

More, More!!!!! (The last two are just for Uncle Ray.)

Nana with Carly Elise


Christmas - a beginning

Here's the beginning of the Christmas picture upload. (My first memory card of pictures will have to wait until tomorrow because my USB cord has finally given up completely and will have to be replaced.) A spattering of commentary where needed...possibly some ACTUAL WRITING in the next few days. I've been inspired by all of the other family writing that's happening. :-D
How great is my life?!?

Tucker and "Tiger, the kitten we're not keeping" playing

Possibly one of the greatest pictures ever!!


If it's within reach, it goes in the mouth!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Technology is GRAND!!!

I have some fabulous vids of Little Bit but for some reason, they won't load from my camera to my 'puter today. :-( Will upload ASAP.

A Few More

Happy with Nana

Making new friends (There was some definite bonding between T and Tiger the Kitten We're Not Keeping - his official name.)

Another new friend

More Yoga


A spattering we go!!!

Carly Elise with her Aunt Leslie (Dig that quadrouple chin)

Mrs. Bonnie loving on T

Showing off those smiles! How cute is this outfit from Randy and Pam?!?

Carly and Mommy all pooped out!


A Good Time Was Had By All

Here's the usual random spattering.
Just some good ole' Mommy love!

At the lighting of the Milton Christmas tree (Drew's choir sang.)

At Daddy's Christmas concert

Digging (or eating I suppose) the high chair

This highchair is the bee's knees!!!

The Bowers Fam

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm a big kid now!

Tonight, we ventured into new territory with Little Bit. We tried our first bites of solid foods - rice cereal (really not THAT solid, but still...) All of the books say, "Don't fix too much because you'll be lucky to get in one spoonful of cereal on your first try," and "Expect most of what you put in to be spit right back out." Of course, I should have known as much as our girl likes to eat, this wouldn't be so for her. As for the rest, I'll let the videos speak for themselves.
I apologize for the multiple videos, but my camera only takes 2 min. at a time and they are just all worth watching in my opinion. :-)

My favorite part of all is how proud she is of herself throughout the whole experience. :-) She was just TOO funny. I loved that she dropped her decoy spoon so she could force my hand into her mouth to get more. :-) ha!
The Bowers Fam

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today is T's first Iron Bowl and since her Daddy has claimed more LSU since that degree thing, I got to claim her all for myself today! :-) (She owns no Auburn clothes and I'm ok with that.) Here's some pics of us in our Game Day garb. :-) This is her super-cool jersey her Uncle Scoot got her.
All Giggles and Grins! (She must like that crimson. ;) tee-hee)

(Yes, folks, it's an actual onesie, not just a jersey.)

Only my Uncle Scoot gets to call me Tuck, but he can do it ALL HE WANTS!!!

Les and T