Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I miss the most...

Just waiting on freedom from the harness.


A few highlights from the weekend and week's beginning...
Nana's magic trick for a fussy baby :-)
She is now a drool-producing machine!!!

Roll Tide, baby!!!

A cute pic after a bath - no harness (momentarily) :-)



Monday, August 18, 2008


So I just realized that the last "talking" video I put up wasn't the one where she did all of the talking. haha! Let me try it again (and I'll put two to make up for my mistake). :-D
*Stick with this one to the end. It's worth it.*
*In this one, Tucker demostrates her new knowledge that the sound she makes when crying is more effective at attention-getting than normal sounds, so she has already learned the "fake cry". haha!*
Love & Shipoopies!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This COULD be a problem when she's a teenager...

Hmmm... She's decided that it's more fun to grab her dress and pull it to her face than it is to do the same with a burp cloth. :-D ha!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Blatant Momming

So here's my regular mom collage of cuteness!
**Disclaimer: In some of my Tucker videos, she is not centered in the shot and may move in and out of the center of the shot. The reason for this is I have to hold the camera out of her focus or she stops whatever she's doing and stares at the camera. I have to hold it to the side and get her to look at me. I apologize. :-)
Tucker is starting to "talk" more and more. This video is from earlier this week. Today (Friday), she came home and "talked" almost constantly for more than an hour. It was SO CUTE, but I didn't get any of it on video. (The camera says, "Be quiet" to her regularly, apparently.)
Poor little thing got so congested this past weekend that her voice was quite hoarse. Her "talking" got even cuter! (Who knew that was even possible?!?)
Everyone says that babies look like angels when they sleep and mine is no exception. However, what's even better than her "looking like an angel" sleep mode is her "making faces" sleep mode. She smiles, opens her eyes with eyes rolled back so you only see the whites, and sometimes even chuckles. VERY CUTE!!!

When it's this small, do we call it a half-half?

Our friends Jeff and Lisa sent us a gift for Tucker. It is the CUTEST, fluffiest, tiniest tutu I have EVER seen. Now, this is not a cheap, Dollar Store tutu. This thing is a million tiny little two inch wide strips of tulle stacked on top of each other with a big satin bow. It is ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to put it on her. (It'll have to wait until the harness comes off.)

The tutu also came with a cute little flower headband. I just HAD to put it on the girl to see. I'm sorry, but she looks like a baby doll in this picture! (no bias displayed here at all)



Free at last... if only for 15 minutes

I wanted to share with you some of the delightful moments of Tucker sans harness pre bathtime. She wiggles and squirms like it's nobody's business! SO CUTE!!! I can't wait until we get to have her this way all the time. We're hoping the harness will come off on August 26th when we get our next ultrasound. Yipee!!!
You might have noticed that she doesn't ever straighten her legs straight down (they're turned out and to the side when she straightens them). Contrary to what you might think, this isn't really a result of the harness (though that might make it more pronounced). Look closely at her legs in this picture and you will see that she doesn't straighten them down because they are TOO FAT!!! They actually won't come any closer to center because of all of those cute little rolls! **Insert conversation with Nan and Betty discussing how no one ever comes up to adults and says, "Those fat rolls are SO CUTE!!!" here. :-)

L, S, and fat rolls!
Leslie ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stay Tuned

So this whole working/mothering combo is VERY time-consuming! No time to upload pics and vids during the week, it seems, but I do have new pics, vids, and thoughts coming. Expect multiple entries at some point this weekend. :-)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Girls! Girls! Girls!

(Okay, just ONE girl! Here's some cute videos of Little Bit for those of you who wish you could be with her in person. :-) tee-hee)
All Smiles
These are some of our favorite moments with Tucker. She's learning to smile in response to our smiles. They are very cute. What's most amazing is they seem to happen most frequently in the morning. We're not sure where she got that happy in the morning thing as we are both slow starters. :-) ha!
This is going to be an amazing party trick one day!
A tiny amount of congestion...
Ok, so you know how new moms always talking about watching their baby's chest to make sure he/she is breathing? If you listen closely, you'll see I rarely have to do that with Tucker. (The other noise is her bouncy chair. It's almost ever-present in our house.)
Tucker with her 2 best buds
her fist and her elephant
What I refer to as "REAL talking"
(and of course, Drew mocks me for this)
I realize she's not saying words, but there is also a CLEAR difference between this and the normal grunts and noises she has been making. She makes these noises when she's trying to immitate our talking. She watches our mouths, works hard to copy, and then makes these coos. They are SO STINKING CUTE!!!!
Drew, Leslie, and Tucker

In Response to Uncle Westy

**I just want to point out that this is TWO BLOGS IN A ROW that have actual words in them! Who knew I had anything left in me other than pics of Little Bit?!? **

So Uncle Westy wrote of two things on which I have thoughts. :-)

First of all, he mentioned how I shall henceforth be known as Tucker's mom, and after spending 2 months (that's right, she's 2 months old today) with Tucker, I figure that's not a bad title at all! To be always associated with something so wonderful... well, I could do worse. ;) And let's be honest, I've never been just Leslie my whole life anyway. I've always been either Rick and Sheri's daughter or Scott's little sister. Then I moved to Carrollton and became Anna's cousin and/or Nan and Mr. Witham's niece. Then in Baton Rouge, I was Drew's wife. My identity has so frequently been through my connections to others, and since I love all of my "others", I'm ok with that. :-)

Secondly, Unc wrote on his blog about our family and how blessed we all are to have each other. My favorite story from the wedding weekend was listening to Munner tell of her trip to Randy's wedding. She said spending the weekend with her kids without their kids was like having her kids again. Then she said, "I have such good kids." (And she said this in wonder and amazement as if she has no idea how that happened.) I replied, "Yeah, I have NO IDEA how they got that way. You surely had NOTHING to do with it!" What an amazing person and what an amazing legacy she has built and is still building. If I can create a family even half as amazing as the one she has nurtured, I will have succeeded in life!

L&S to you all!
Tucker's mom

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Save the WHAT?!?

In our world where everyone has a cause, I sometimes run across a political statement that gives me pause. Saw a huge bumper sticker on a car this week that read,


I didn't realize the uterus was endangered or even in danger! Is there a shortage of good uteri in the world? Are our uteruses "people" too? with feelings and sorrows? Are we worried that in today's overpopulated world, that we're not producing ENOUGH uncared for and undisciplined children, so we need to save ALL reproductive systems so even people who should NOT reproduce can do it readily even when they don't want to? Or did I miss some medical discovery in which a good uterus can cure cancer or AIDS?

It's a real thinker, I tell ya!


And the winner for best soundtrack is...

Thought I would share my life's new soundtrack...
Every morning between waking up and the first nap, we have a good hour of this...
And a few times a day, I will begin to hear this sound overpowering anything else in the room...

Face First

Tucker's latest "thing" is what we call "nose scrubbing" in our house. When you put her on your shoulder, she starts scrubbing her nose. She'll move her face back and forth and back and forth -- over and over wiping her nose (and entire face, really) as she goes. We have NO IDEA why she does this, but it is VERY comical to watch. After the scrubbing, she then falls asleep face DOWN into your shoulder, arm, or arm pit (LOVELY). It is HYSTERICAL!!!

And, of course, once she has slept face down, she will eventually pick her head up, take a huge breath, and then resituate herself to a normal sleeping position. The result (and bonus humor) is that she has "sleep lines" all over her face! :-D

This baby stuff is hard work, but it has MORE than enough laughs to make it worthwhile. :-D


The Bowers Family