Sunday, April 16, 2006

I need Blogger help

Okay, for all of my friends who are wizards at the Blogger format, I need help with this one. I am used to another format and I can't figure out all of the neat things you have on your pages like "blogs I like" and the other little notes that are in the margins of your page.

I have (as you can see) figured out how to add a picture into a blog. (I am very proud because I just discovered that I can do that.) But I haven't figured out how to get a picture into my profile.

This picture, by the way will be most appreciated by Nolan. This is our SEC-touring family photo. The Bama fan and her Aubbie husband living in the world where they spell it "geaux".

Thanks in advance!

Love & Shapoopies,


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Brendan deRoode West said...


If you want to get into real specifics and make your blog your own, you can go into the "Template" tab and change things. The HTML kind of bogs you down, but the people at Blogger are kind enough to label, in comment tags, things like the sidebar, profile and archives. Look for where the "profile" code ends, and, with HTML, you can add a blog ring section, or more information about you.

P.s., it's cool to see someone else's view of my dad. Thanks!