Sunday, July 23, 2006

Underoos and the like

Ahhh, Snoopy Underoos! Those were the days!

Okay, so sometime last August I told my mother that if she would give me all of her old family photographs (boxes and boxes of them), I would get them organized and into albums for her. It only took me around a month to get them all organized -- (If I've never explained to you how I MUST do things like scrapbook, knit, and sort pictures while I work to remain awake, I'll explain that part later. I'm not REALLY just a glutton for punishment.) -- but then I had this BRILLIANT idea (read: more work for me) that in the year of 2006 and all of it's technology for preserving history, that I would also SCAN all of the pictures in an organized fashion so that they wouldn't get any more faded than they already were, PLUS this way, I get a copy; Scott gets a copy; Munner can have a copy, etc. Great plan in theory, but I discovered that the actual scanning will take me much longer than just getting them into albums becuase I can't SCAN while I'm working. Needless to say, that even though the pictures have been "organized" since September-ish, I'm just now starting to scan them. I finished scanning the "Scott" seciton, got them into an album, and am about halfway through the "Leslie" section. After that, I have "Ricki and Sheri before kids", "Our family (McKee)", "West Family", "McKee (extended) Family", "McKee/West families together", and "CCHS/Friends" left to go. :-) [Should be done by the time Drew finishes his doctorate. :-) ha!] Anyway, it has been tremendously entertaining to sort through the old pics of Scott and me and so I thought I would share just a couple of the "gems" to provide you all with a laugh break. :-) Enjoy!

Paris, look out because "That's hot!"

First of all, note that this is a SUPER-COOL Polaroid pic. :-D
Secondly, I ask you, should 3 year olds really be giving "come hither" looks? :-D ha!

In the realm of really cool things, this would be my brother and cousin Robby playing their horns as part of the "entertainment" at one of Scott's birthday parties -- and his friends are ENJOYING IT! That is some serious fabulousness right there!

Words can't express... :-D

Love & Shipoopies,


pottersfire said...
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pottersfire said...

I deleted my last post due to operator error. Okay. First, thank you for these pics. Second, who's Paris is all I've got to say. Third, I want to be added to the list getting the Extended family pics. Love you, Robby. And yes, we DID rock.