Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ever have a day that's just a complete do-over? Actually, scratch that - who would want to do a day like that OVER? Let's just scratch it!!! Nothing major. Just all of the small things in life at once. Work was bad, long, and hard. Body's aching. My work partner is driving me CRAZY. Losing my voice. Raining outside. Husband's out of town. Tried to call two others just to have a happy, good conversation, and got "complained to" by both of them (though I guess I can be glad I wasn't complained AT). Found a hair in my sandwich at ABC for dinner. Then found out a friend gave my name and number to some kid at her church who is doing required sales pitches for a "scholarship" for college and he called saying that the friend was "sure I'd be nice enough to help him keep his scholarship". UGH!!! Scratch it and start over tomorrow!!!

In the good news department, my lost voice means a short to non-existent work day tomorrow and I'm going on a scrapbook retreat this weekend! Very excited about that!

Here's to a better tomorrow!!!

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Zipidee said...

Sorry it took so long to see this post. Yeah sometimes ya just gotta eat that worm ;~)
Hope all's well now.
So how's the yungun! Helpin to make this kinda day a standard? Hope not.
Guess I'll just have ta hug ya both at Christmas!