Monday, March 17, 2008


In the Woodstock area, many of the churches have a bi-annual baby-stuff consignment sale for missions. They have very high standards for items that can be sold, and they only accept baby things - nursery furniture, strollers, high chairs, diaper bags, clothes, toys, etc. I went for my first time Friday, and I must admit, I went with low expectations, thinking I might find a few baby clothing items that I wanted and that would be it. Boy was I wrong. I did find some baby clothes (tons of expensive onesies in great shape for next to nothing), but I also found a small umbrella stroller, the exact diaper bag Drew and I had registered for, a high chair, a dresser (pictured below), and my FAVORITE ITEM, an old-fashioned cradle (also pictured below). It was SO MUCH FUN!! And most importantly, I now have something in which my baby can sleep if, heaven forbid, she were to be born early. :-) Yipee!!!

**The furniture has yet to be moved to the nursery, so the pictures aren't the greatest quality, but you get the idea. :-)



Mandapooh said...

beautiful crib!

Zipidee said...

At least it'll see use sooner than the BowFlex behind it :~)
Glad you've been able to benefit from recycling the pieces look brand new!
Oh and the Bump? Stand back Baby! We don't no how big this things gonna get!

Leslie said...

Well, I will add that 1.) the Bowflex is not ours - it's being stored with us by my brother in law who is in Kuwait and 2.) I plan on actually using the treadmill part of the Bowflex (we have the weight machine of theirs as well) once this baby comes out. By then, the garage should be cleared-out enough for me to fold down the walking part of the treadmill. (At this moment, it must remain upright and is, therefore, rather difficult to use effectively.) :-D ha!

Coming soon - my favorite piece of hand-me-down baby clothing found yet. It's PERFECT (and I think even my ever-aging (by their own decree) uncles will appreciate it).