Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thas alota baby!!!

For those of you who have ever wondered, "Where exactly does someone who is 5 foot tall PUT a baby?" here's the answer...

Nowhere up and down for Tucker to go, so it all goes FORWARD!!! Not sure why people ever think it's good to say such things as, "Are you sure you're not having twins?", "Your baby is going to be HUGE," "You are HUGE," "There's NO WAY you will go to your due date because you are SO BIG," and my favorite, "You must be MISERABLE being so big," but I'm getting those kinds of comments out the wazoo these days!

Just thought I'd share the beauty that is my HUGENESS with all of you. :-) Under 2 weeks now!!! Crazy!!!!



Mandapooh said...

she looks fabulous in pink!

Zipidee said...

My Great Niece Tucker! All ready out front of the others (started to say 'udders' thought better of it);~)