Monday, September 22, 2008

OOOOH, TOES....for some people...

*For those of you who recognize this quote, I apologize for how insanely inappropriate it is for this moment, but you get my point...*
DRUMROLL, PLEASE!!! We got the harness off today! Yipee!!! I get to see baby toes anytime I dang well please now. :-) How fabulous is that?!? Here's some pics from the day.

Sleeping on Daddy during our hour plus wait for the doctor.

with Dr. Schrader, her Ortho

in her first set of bloomers (that were almost too small) ha!

with Daddy in front of the children's pictures in the lobby

with Mommy outside the doctor's office
As we expected, she has had a couple of small panicked moments, but most of our day has been spent happy and kicking. We are having SO MUCH FUN. We're having to re-learn some things, and holding her is completely different ~ in such a delightful way!!! What a joy!!!
Drew, Leslie, and Tucker


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Hip! Hip! Hooray! (Pun intended ;~))

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and a very nice pun it was! :-D