Wednesday, March 18, 2009

9 month pictures

We got the online version of Tucker's 9 months pics last night. This girl is just TOO cute! (And might I add I think the people at the Target in Woodstock take GREAT baby pictures!)
This first grouping is my favorite. I love all three of the pics of her standing using our fingers. I adore her expressions and I LOVE being able to see all the rolls on those legs!!! :-D

I love a silhouette picture - always have! The lighting and sepia tone of this one make her look even more angelic than she already is!

Nan bought Tucker her first pair of pearls and I thought they'd be great for some naked baby pics (especially since Tucker IS the daughter of the pearl girl).


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Mandapooh said...

I love all of these! and your feet look great, too. cute shoes!