Monday, July 13, 2009

Gulf Shores 2009

The entire McKee clan headed to Gulf Shores for a week. It was babies everywhere! It was VERY relaxing and much fun. It's been years since I've spent more than a day or two with Scott and it was the first time Tucker and Carly spent more than a couple of days together. It was delightful chaos. :)

The Fam on the 4th :)

All week long, she pointed at all sorts of random things and said, "Mama," with the true belief in her eyes that she was correctly identifying the object. :)


Pushing her own stroller

Blue eyes, anyone?

Tucker and her audience

Tucker's themes for this week? Climbing and hats

I love sweet baby feet!

Melt my heart!!!

She was so into the ocean this time, she kept dragging us farther in. :)

"This is SO much fun!!"


The Whole Crew

She finally stopped crying, but she still wasn't thrilled about it. :)

Sweet Carly

Tucker became a bulldozer. :)

This is my favorite pic of the two girls. So cute!

Tucker: "I LOVE sand!!!"

That's my baby! The world's most precious goober. haha

This is my favorite picture of Carly. I love that it's off-centered and I love that she finally touched the sand, but only with ONE finger. haha!

Beautiful girls!

Tucker clapping for herself. :)

"Wha' HAppened?!?"

Scott: "Yes, Carly, we don't have ENOUGH pictures of you crying yet." hahaha!

Bad influence or good? Not quite sure yet. :)


and in

and out

We discovered this week that Tucker gets carsick. :(


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