Monday, September 26, 2011

A list...

A list of things I'd rather not EVER do...

1.) kill a roach, or really even SEE a roach
2.) clean out the drain in the kitchen sink when it's full of gross, soggy food
3.) go to sleep without a kiss and "I love you" from both loves of my life
4.) listen to any kind of sport on the radio
5.) try to argue a point I'm passionate about when I'm angry to the point of tears about it.. makes me look weak when really I'm just THAT mad
6.) walk barefooted on a smooth surface (like concerete) that is dirty with a gritty feeling; rough, dirty surfaces aren't as bad.  Barefooted on pavement is somehow less offensive than barefooted on cement.
7.) dust the house
8.) hurt someone's feelings or bruise someone's self confidence - intentionally or accidentally
9.) eat any bean or pea that is mushy - green beans and edamame are about as far as I go into bean/pea territory
10.)  go a single day without something interesting to read

What's on YOUR list of "I wish I never had to..."?

Love & Shipoopies,

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