Monday, October 30, 2006

Something to look forward to...

Okay, guys! I realize that it has been ages since I have posted. Work is nuts. (I clocked 56.5 hours last week alone.) However, I have been stashing a list of posting updates in the back of my brain that will get posted as soon as earnings is over at work. They will include an interesting survey of books in my life for which Nolan tagged me, an update on the costume challenge (including pictures from the party), and a bit of a story of my Gazelle.

Until then --

Love & Shapoopies,


Zipidee said...

Oh Mercy, Mercy! Can it be? Blogs again and surely she? The wonder is with work so full there'd time to be for you and me. But she of inteligent posterior should look at songs that smile to me. So tap your foot beware the soap unless the kind is on a rope.

Zipidee said...

The other was a reference to the 'Big Chill' blog. "Chillin with other chilin"?
I'm in touch with my old College crowd on a MySpace Site called The Montevallo Chill.
Not for Bloggin oh my oh no! Oh for Bloggin they won't go. Ludites not but unlike me not quite as ready to be like thee. Can sometimes said things not read or read things in between un seen.
Must go to cook so seat can take when 'dinner's ready' is said.

pottersfire said...

Man, he's wordy.

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for being my sole blog visitor. I am praying for Drew in his upcoming stressful times. I am looking forward to you updates and hope to be adding some to my site.
Love ya!

Andrea said...

YOUR updates - your updates, I said.