Tuesday, October 31, 2006

White and Nerdy

Okay, I have previously seen clips from this video, but I finally saw the entire thing today (at #2 on the VH1 top 10 countdown, I might add) and it is freaking hysterical!!! You MUST listen to the words (even if you don't like rap -- which I don't). It is totally worth it. My favorite line is, "My rims never spin. To the contrary, you'll find that they are quite stationary." Classic. However, the BEST part is that Donny Osmond is dancing in the background the whole time. Weird Al is a genius!!! (and if you argue that point, then you are kidding yourself becuase deep down, we all appreciate his art.)

Love and Shipoopies!

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Zipidee said...

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Wasup with the vid kid? Powers that be or was it thee?