Monday, November 20, 2006

Could it REALLY happen?!?

Do you remember these?

Some time ago, I posted some pictures of rooms I have painted and shared that this is what I LOVE to do. Some of my paintings are bright and boisterous. Some are muted and sophisticated. Either way, I find peace in creating them and joy in their completion.

Well, a friend from high school saw them on MySpace, sent them to a friend at Southern Living who sent them to a friend who is doing a book on Windows and Walls. She finally sent her contact information to me and said that she would be interested in using some of MY STUFF in her "bookazine". Of course, there are many ifs and maybes in between now and it actually happening, but it is getting closer to reality and I am VERY excited!

I thought I would share this blessing and prayer request with you all!

Love & Shipoopies,


Sheri said...

Hey sweetness,
Good for you! I am so excited and wish you the best.

pottersfire said...

Well, aren't you the sheep's patoot! Seriously, this comes as no surprise due to you being you, but we'll be praying anyway for the favor of God. Love you. P.S. Are you guys coming for Chrismas? If so, when?

Zipidee said...

That's great I always said that Magazine had taste.
A freind of mine from college, Clay Nordan, is an editor there. your Mom might remember him from Highshool at Montevallo.


only 20 days away!