Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The results are in... no, not the election. Something MUCH more important!

Okay, guys! Since you helped come up with costume ideas for the "Song Title" costume party, I thought I would show you the costumes that actually showed up (some clever and some not so much). :-)

"Devil Inside"

"Always Something There to Remind Me"

"Material Girl"

"Kung Fu Fighting" (that's what her shirt says)
"Cat Scratch Fever"

"Yesterday" (The party happened on October 7th.)

"Hit me, Baby, One More Time"

"My Humps"

"Fire and Rain" (That's red hots glued onto her rain cap.)

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Zipidee said...

Cool Party!
very tastefully yet reserved depictions of the titles :~)

My appology to you all. I've been over blogging. I now realize that you only blog once a month. Is that so there is room in blogdome for the blogs of all? Or is it to allow ample time for all to observe and comment on your monthly blog? Isn't quite like 'E'mail is it?!

I find an awful lot of blog builds up in 30 days so beware it's gonna be a wopper!

Zipidee DoDah