Monday, July 14, 2008

A random spattering of daughter-promotion!

Ok, so Nana requested pics of the baby because she hasn't seen her in two weeks. So here's a random spattering of pics of the world's funniest baby! :-)

She's learning that she has a "pacifier" built in on those arm thingies. Of course, she hasn't figured out how to get just one finger in to suck on, so she sucks on like half of her fist at one time. It's VERY funny and creates an INSANE amount of drool!

She's going to be a blanket carrier. She constantly pulls her burp cloth to her as she sleeps.

HOLLYWOOD, baby!!!

My little hobo child. She poked her toe through her little harness socks!!! TOO CUTE!

Punch drunk on paci!

The Bowers Family

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