Monday, July 14, 2008

Visiting with Paige and Alivia

For all of the West family, I wanted to share with you some pics of a "long lost" relative. :-D ha! In case you didn't know, Uncle Johnny (Kakie's Johnny), Pam, and Paige (Kakie's daughter and grandaughter) live in Marietta and Smyrna - only 10 min. or so from our place. So Paige and I have gotten back in touch lately - and discovered that we were really close to the same amount of pregnant. :-) ha! She delivered her THIRD little girl about 2 weeks after Tucker was born. On Friday, Tucker and I met Paige and Alivia for lunch and a little Babies R Us time. :-) I took pictures of the two of them to share with you guys - figured you'd be interested. I hope to have a meal with Pam and Johnny before long as well. Oh the memories I have of Uncle Johnny!!! He was always one of those "magical" adults in my life. He was so cool and so wonderfully teddy bear like. I can't wait to see him again!

As Paige and I were talking, she said she has moments with all of her girls sometimes that make her miss her Mamoa (what she calls Kakie - which I think is interesting since that's what we called Myrtle). She talked about how great Kakie would have been with her girls and how she would have "eaten them up". I TOTALLY get that. I have had so many moments - actually even before Tucker - where I thought, "Grandaddy would have LOVED this." I think at least once a week about how both of my grandads would have loved Drew so much. There are sides to him that would have meshed so well with each of my Grandaddy's. And then to think how each of them would have loved this baby girl. Guy McKee would have spoiled her ROTTEN and fed her to the point of popping with steaks and homegrown veggies. And Leland - well, to have a great sweet tootie - how great would that have been!!!

Anyway, enough of my senseless rambling. Here's pics of Paige and her cute little girl. (I use the term little lightly as Alivia was even bigger than Tucker - over 9 pounds!!)


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