Thursday, November 27, 2008

Much to be Thankful For

WOW! What a weekend full of wonderfulness! This Thanksgiving holiday has been so full of wonderful moments - reminders of all of our blessings. :-) Mama and Diddy came over Monday night to be my daycare for the sick one while I worked Tuesday. (She was feeling better, but we feared she might still be contagious.) We had such a great visit and did many fun things. We even had our first pic with Santa (trying to beat the post-T-day crowds). Then Thanksgiivng Day, we had Mama, Diddy, Cindy (Drew's mom), Rick (her new beau), and Paige and family join us for Thanksgiving lunch. It was so much fun. The food was amazing and it was the first time we were able to really let Tucker and Alivia "play" with each other. Very cute pics. :-)
Cute, smiley baby with Santa

Sweet family photo (rare to get us all three smiling at once)

Maybe one of the sweetest moments EVER. I asked Drew to watch her EARLY Thanksgiving Day while I ran downstairs and got my pump ready to go. She was wide awake when I left, but when I returned, this was the scene. :-)

Alivia and Tucker getting to know each other

All 4 girls together. This is (back l-r) Amelia (3), Addisyn (4), (front l-r) Tucker, and Alivia.
*and if you don't see Leland in my child's face here, you either didn't know Leland or you aren't looking closely enough. :-)

So many blessings to be counted...


Mandapooh said...

Great pics! Do you have new glasses?

Leslie said...

I DO!!! And you are the VERY FIRST person to notice. Even Drew didn't notice until I said, "What do you think of my new glasses?" And he even knew I had been to pick them up. haha!