Monday, February 09, 2009

Little Gooberloo!!!

So Tucker really loves blowing raspberries (or as Bill Cosby says, "Zbrts"). I have tried numerous times to get this on tape becuase it is SO CUTE to watch. She looks like she's going to blow her eyeballs out because she's pressing so hard to make it happen. She's also started sticking her tongue out while doing it now. It's truly just the most precious thing ever. (Her tongue is so tiny and cute when it comes out.) In the first of these two videos, it's dark and you can barely see her.
This second video serves two purposes. The first is that you can see her raspberry a little bit better (though it's a rough video, so you have to concentrate). If you look closely, you can see that cute little tongue a couple of times. The second purpose is to show you what I go through each time I try to get a video of this girl. Her main goal in life is to get my camera/phone/remote control into her mouth! She's constantly stopping what I'm trying to tape to concentrate on her plan to get the camera into her mouth. Pardon the camera work, but there was an extra set of hands holding the camera. :-) haha!

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Mandapooh said...

I think I enjoy hearing you and Drew laugh as much as I do watching her!