Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got me some kicks!

We decided that since Tucker is walking now, we needed to change from her black patten (even on the bottom) shoes for her cute little courderoy tennies with grips on the bottom! They are TOO FUNNY on her. :-)

She has also started pulling herself up on things (though all the things that are short enough to work right now are things that we have to hold down on the other side so they don't tip over, such as a laundry basket). ha! She's VERY proud of herself once she accomplishes this task! :-)



Paige said...

Flip the laundry basket over and put some of her toys on top :) She'll love it and it won't flip on her.

Leslie said...

You're so SMART! It's almost like you've done this once or twice before. :-) haha!

Paige said...

Yeah, but if I were all that smart my own 8 month old would be sleeping rather than waking up screaming to eat every 5 seconds!