Saturday, June 06, 2009

How Can It Be?!?

Today, our sweet, little girl turned 1. The last year has taken both forever and disappeared in the blink of an eye. My mind has wandered to one year ago for two days straight. My how our world has changed!
Today we had a picnic party for T's birthday and we partied ourselves out! Papa and Nana (Ricki and Sheri) cooked barbecue chicken, Granna (Cindy) made potato salad, Nona (Pam) made cupcakes, and I made crunchy slaw, dirt cake, and fruit/veggie nibbles. It was a good meal, but, of course, the highlight of the day was watching Tucker. She ate her first cake, opened presents, played with everyone, pet her first horse (Who knew there were horses kept right next to our neighborhood's playground?!?), and slid down her first slide! It was a BIG day for our little girl (and both of us).
Tucker's Cake
Her Birthday table (with cake, favors for the other kids, and a "sly" Addisyn "sneaking" into the picture :-D ha!)

In her "Today I eat cake!" bib

Poised and Ready
"Alright, guys! I'm going in!"

"This is SOOOO much fun!"

The Bowers Fam

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