Thursday, May 28, 2009

Discovering Each Other

This weekend was the first time Aiden (Hailey's son) and Tucker have spent an extended time together and we found that they shared a mutual fascination. Tucker spent MUCH of her time staring at Aiden, watching his every move, and Aiden spent most of his time watching her, helping her, and one-upping her. She wasn't quite sure what he was all about and he wasn't quite sure he was willing to share ANY of his adults (Mama, Daddy, Paw, or Nana) with this little baby. He tried to teach her things like playing catch with a beach ball, but he also constantly pointed out to the adults how he could do it all a little better than she could. (It was really QUITE precious!) My favorite comment of the weekend was Aiden, upon seeing Paw carrying Tucker around, said, "Look, Paw, I can walk by myself!" (Hidden meaning: "That baby has to be carried, but I can WALK.") TOO CUTE!!!


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