Monday, August 03, 2009

Buster Browns

Tucker (and Drew) started back to school today. *And by school I mean Daycare, of course.* We got her her first pair of "school shoes" this year because she needed some good tennis shoes for all this walking she's doing. I, being the scrapbooker I am, wanted to take pictures of the box and shoes before putting them on her this morning. She decided, however, that pictures of a plain ol' box weren't fun at all and that I should take pictures of her discovering her new shoes. I'm glad she helped me out! :)
"I'm not sure about these..."
Cute shoes for cute feet
Off she goes!!
She kept sitting back down to re-inspect the shoes. :)

All ready for school, but she wouldn't put her milk down for a picture. ha!
I think she sensed the leaving me for the day aspect of this morning. She was hugging constantly and very clingy all morning. Sweet, sweet baby! *We'll pretend that I didn't need the extra hugs and clinginess too.*


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