Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow M. G.!!!

For those of you who don't know, we got snow in the South - lots of it - and it stayed...
and stayed...
and stayed!
Tucker is very into rainbows (aka - anything with a semicircle anywhere in or on it).
"Mommy, it's a rainbow!!!"

The average depth in our yard.
Last time I saw snow this deep in the South was in '93.

This is the layer of ice on top of all that snow that developed when it sleeted the day after the snow and stayed cold enough to freeze it all.

Can you tell where the curb is? Our cul de sac was almost completely filled with snow!!!

This was possibly the craziest part to me. I took this picture at 11pm without a flash. It was snowing so hard that it looked like daylight outside. CRAZY!

Our besties - Ashie and Will

Hands down - Cutest Picture Ever!!!

It was HARD WORK for T to walk in all that snow!
That's some seriously deep snow!

Snow cream chilling outside while we ate dinner

Tucker thought Daddy shoveling was a RIOT! :)

Do you see the lump of snow under her hand? That's the snowwoman's heart that Tucker made and placed. (I <3 her.)

Love & Shipoopies (and a yard still full of snow a full week later),


Jen T said...

OH Leslie that is JUST precious!!! T with the snowman giving him a heart!!! What cute, cute pictures! I'm glad y'all had fun. Brian nailed me in the face with a snowball laced with ice and split my lip and I still had FUN! We had a for real winter..probably won't happen again for another 15 years! love you-jen

Stephanie said...

Oh I just love her - that picture of her putting a heart on the snowman is priceless!

We got the ice on top of all our snow too and it has made for a huge mess. The roads are better for the most part - there are still a few icy spots where the roads don't get a lot of sunlight but they melt during the day mostly. Our backyard is still a disaster though - snow all over the place.

Glad you guys had fun in it - you captured some great pictures!