Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too Much Fun

*Do you love this "Flashdance" outfit she's rocking? It's of her own choosing - from the tutu to the extra headband. A fashionista in our midst, folks.*

I'm so sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I'll be honest. My life is nuts. There's work, the two-year-old, getting ready for Scrapbook camp, and about 5 million other things that I won't mention here. My brain is just otherwise-occupied, so that even when I find time to blog (which is rare), I can't come up with anything I can blog about. All my thoughts are either dull, topics I'm not ready to share (no, I'm not pregnant), or topics that are just not blog-worthy - ie NOT funny or inspiring.

While we wait on my real brain to return, I thought I'd share with you the conversations filling my days these days.

To the doctor at the end of a visit: "Thank you for seeing me today."

While I was going potty and right after she went potty: "Good job, Mommy! You get your M&Ms?"

After almost every single activity for weeks now: "Mommy, we had TOO MUCH FUN today!"

After another doctor visit today: "Mommy, I had TOO MUCH FUN at the doctor today!"

After putting on her new shoes and while modeling them for me: "Mommy, thank you for getting my new shoes!" (Man, I hope this politeness sticks around for a while!)

While already driving down the road on the way to church: "Daddy, can you crank the car? It's cold!"

And my favorite:

Yelled from upstairs where napping is supposed to be happening:

"Mommy? MOMMY?!? Mommy, what's tomorrow? It's Saturday?"

Me: "No, tomorrow is Wednesday."

"Oh, ok. Just making sure."

Hahaha!!! Seriously, we stay in giggles around our house.

I hope this finds you all well!

Love & Shipoopies,


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Stephanie said...

Love the things that come out of their mouths - she's so sweet!!!!

Her outfit rocks!

What kind of scrapbooking camp are you going to?