Friday, April 15, 2011

*I decided, while ordering pictures from our Disney trip (Our last day of the trip I got the email that Snapfish had 111 prints for $1.11 to celebrate their birthday.  Yes, please!) I decided I was going to start making a little flip book of pictures for Tucker to have of our vacations so she can look at them when she wants and, hopefully, remember the trip and her favorite things.  The book came in yesterday, so last night before bed, I was looking at it with her. I kept asking, "Who is that?", "Where were we?  Do you remember?", "Who are you with there?  Do you remember?"  I was just trying to spark her memory. 

Flash forward about 10 minutes when T is flipping through the book a second (and third and fourth and fifth) time by herself, still sitting in my lap.  She flipped to a page (with a picture of herself) and said, "Mommy, who is that?  Do you 'member?!?".  Hahaha!

*Last night, on the way home from dinner, I asked Drew if he minded if I ran into WalMart for a minute (which quickly became 20) to get a handful of things we needed so I didn't have to come back out post T's bedtime.  I was getting Fruit Loops and marshmallows ("marshallows - pink ones!") to fill eggs for hunting at our house next weekend - a little better than all candy; a doorknob, as our garage doorknob came off in Drew's hand the other day and, although you can poke it back in temporarily, it falls off again each time you open it; and double stick tape to finish some birthday party invites for one of my cousin's girls (and can I TELL YOU, they are CA-UTE!!!).  Of course, I left with those things PLUS light bulbs, erasers, double stuff Oreos (the hubs' favorite), mini bubbles and rubber lizards for egg-filling, a fresh supply of jelly beans for the hubs, and mini Cadbury eggs for myself. 

I tell you this because this morning, as I was leaving T's daycare, I had this strong urge to go home and eat Cadbury eggs with a Fruit Loop chaser for breakfast.  I didn't, but...  In case you ever wondered why I struggle so with my weight. :)  I might have a small sugar-love. teensie.  insignificant.

*So as I was pulling out of McD's (buying a skim milk caramel mocha Cadbury egg substitute), this sweet, younger-looking guy sitting at the red light (in the line of traffic I was trying to enter) backed his car up to REALLY signal that he was going to let me in when the light changed.  He kept making eye contact while we waited and smiling and pointing.  Very sweet. 

And then he turned into my neighborhood behind me (heartbeat raises).  Now, it's totally possible that he is coming from that direction and lives in the same neighborhood.  It's a grand total of 1 redlight and two blocks between the two.  I understand this logically, but man, all I could think was, "What if all that eye contact was a Ted Bundy thing deciding I was his next prey?!?"  Yes, I'm crazy paranoid like that.  So when I pulled up to the stop sign, at which I turn to go to my house, I didn't turn on my blinker until the last second, and then quickly glanced up to see if his came on immediately.  (It didn't.)  So I slowly turned onto my street, all the while watching my rearview mirror to make sure he wasn't turning behind me.  He didn't, of course, but welcome to my brand of crazy!  Paranoia abounds!!!  I'm a nutter.

*And in the strangest of all weekend plans, I'm funeral-hopping.  I've been asked to sing at, not one, but TWO funerals for people I don't know.  I'll literally drive from one to the other.  The good news is that one of the funerals is for a lady who was in her 90s and lived a long, full life.  The other one is for the mother of a friend of a lady who goes to my church (Whew!) and in everything I've heard about the funeral, they are truly viewing it as a celebration of her life.  They're having her friends speak, her favorite song sung ("Ave Maria"), and serving her favorite German foods after. Losing a loved one is never easy, but it's always so nice to see people celebrate the amazing memories they have rather than wallowing in what could have been. 

*Want to know what I'm doing tonight.  It's not my usual slammed with too many things weekend night or it's cousin the "fly by the seat of your pants and end up watching TV" who visits everytime Slammed is away.  We have a PLAN. That plan is to go buy body wash while it's on sale (you know you're old WHEN) and then go buy a special copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 that has extra footage and interviews and watch every last second of it!  Woohoo!!!!

Hope your Friday night is as cool as mine's gonna be!!!

Love & Shipoopies,

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