Friday, May 20, 2011

A Rose is a Rose...

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

"You say 'poe-tAA-toe.'  I say 'poe-tAH-toe.'"

Much has been said (and sung) about what we call things. 
There are differences created by geography, family, culture, etc.
Geography - soda, pop, Cokes
Family - I've been mocked endlessly for calling handing out Christmas presents "opening the tree"
Culture - think of your mom's sister.  Is she "ant", "aaaahnt" or "aahntie"?

And then there are those that are just WRONG. :)

I heard a lady on the news the other day talk about being "FUSS-trated."
I'll be honest.  I died a little inside.
Does she not SEE the R?!?

I once knew someone by the last name Wilkes.
People REGULARLY would read it "Wilkison".
Just created it from thin air!!!

Then there's my husband.  He's a middle-namer.  But his first name is Joel.
Good, strong, relatively common American name.
Want to know who telemarketers and spam mail look for?
Yep.  That's close.

And don't get me started on people in the south adding S's to store names.
WalMartS, TargetS, KMarts, Krogers
Makes my skin crawl!!!

You've got your "X-specially" and "Let me AX you a question."

But the world's most ironic mispronunciation?

My Spanish teacher, Senor Tic-Tac (bad breath), used to instruct us daily on our need to work on our


Love, Shipoopies, and a Happy Weekend to you All!!!


Anonymous said...

My three favorites are strange. The assistant principal I worked with years ago used to want my help watching kids in the halls, and he would tell me to "Just be non-ca-chant." A firefighter was telling a story about a woman losing her cool, and said,"Man, she went absolutely berkshire." Your old youth director was quoting a woman who was describing a shooting at a place of business by saying, " It was total pandelirium." Good times. Dad.

Brandie said...

you gave me a much needed laugh!