Friday, August 19, 2011

Bad Days are Relative


I went to the neurologist (for worsening Carpal Tunnel) where they tapped, electrocuted, and stabbed... I mean "poked" (the origin of the bruises) me into misery.  I also discovered I had a low-grade fever (which stayed until Wednesday afternoon).  All of that equals someone who wants to take some meds, crawl in the bed, and sleep the rest of the day away from pure puniness instead of going back to work, which is what I had to do.


Tuesday night, my husband entered the house after a late-night meeting and said, "Want to see something creepy?!?"

My instant reaction?  "Ummmm..... NO.  I mean, is it that huge Harry Potter-worthy spider we saw last month?  'Cause definitely NO!"

"No, it's not the spider.... and I don't THINK it's a cockroach." (This is my one real phobia.)

"Then definitely NOOOOOO."

"I said I DON'T THINK it's a roach."

"If you have to question that it's a roach, I am not interested... especially barefooted in the dark."

But he drug me along and we walked to the driveway where he showed me this little whole with a pile of dirt beside it.  (It got re-covered before I took the pic.)  He insisted I continue watching it as he stomped the ground all around it.  *awesome*

Then suddenly, the dirt started moving with dirt from inside the hole coming out of the hole on the head of... you guessed it.... a cockroach.  Or if it wasn't a cockroach, it was cockroach-tangential. 

YUCK!!!!!  He killed them, then sprayed the hole with bug spray, then recovered it.  It's remained covered... so far.


I came downstairs.  I fixed the coffee exactly the same as every other morning.  I walked the 3-year-old to the potty like every other day.  I continued getting the little one dressed like every other morning.  Then I heard the hubs say, "OOOOOOH, NOOOOOOOO."  And immediately, I knew. 

But then, I found THIS:

And I died laughing!!!

Love, Shipoopies, and a little perspective,

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Jen T said...

I love, love you! That was hilarious and you had one heck of a week! Here's to hoping you can be puny if you want to this weekend! Jen

PS Thanks for being such a wonderful and truly dear friend.