Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes is not an appropriate answer!!!

I was watching the Today Show this morning and they were doing a story on senior citizens getting plastic surgery.  They interviewed this one 75-year-old lady who was having a breast lift and implants so she could look on the outside how she felt on the inside. 

Weird.  I know. 

But that's actually NOT what this blog is about.  After the video montage, they went to the interview in-studio where some reporter I've never laid eyes on *** asked a plastic surgeon something to the effect of, "Do you think it's because of A or more an effect of B?"  (He used real reasons that I blocked from my memory, apparently.)

Do you want to know what the surgeon answered?  (If you don't already know, then you didn't read the blog title well.)

He said, "Yeah, it is."

Ummmm..... Dude, "Yes" is NOT an appropriate question to an either/or question!!!  And I can't tell you how many times a week I have to tell someone that. 

Do you want chicken or pork chops for dinner?...... Yes.

Would you rather watch Olivia or Mickey?..... Yes.

I know sometimes I answer an either/or question with "yes" as a joke because I want BOTH things or because I have no idea which is the right answer.  But when someone genuinely feels they've answered your question appropriately, I can't help but wonder if *please don't die of shock here* as a society, we're so used to multitasking (and so inept at doing it) that we only half hear most of what is said to us... that those people only heard one half of the either/or question and their real answer was, "Sure, whatever" or as I fear most of the time when I get "yes" to an either/or, "Yes, whatever I can say that will make you stop talking and interrupting the other thing I'm doing."  *tee-hee*

*le sigh*

Do YOU ever get the feeling that someone's not REALLY listening to you OR do you feel totally heard all of the time in your life?


Love & Shipoopies,

***Anyone else noticed that since Meredith left the Today Show, there's been so much shuffling around of anchors (and Matt's been kind of in and out), that some days, I can't name a single person on set?  And almost everyday there's someone that I've never laid eyes on?  And I don't mean Al, Natalie, or Ann - I know them.  There's all these OTHER people on everyday doing almost everything!! It's very troubling to me.  Just sayin'.

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Camily said...

Yes! I agree! People are too busy and "yes" is not the answer! (Except that I started my comment with "yes," but that is beside the point)!
I also thought you would appreciate the fact that I am not multi-tasking today. I guess that would mean that I am single-tasking. I'm not doing laundry, talking on the phone, or anything else while I read/blog. I'm avoiding all nagging tasks that need to be done. I refuse to multi-task today!