Friday, April 11, 2008

A Nursery in the Hizous!!

So we finally did it!!! We finally got the nursery painted!! The nursery is not totally done, but the painting finally is (and the rest will be at least presentable by Sunday). Here's a bit of the progression:
The room began in this LOVELY shade of Brady Bunch pea green. It was ALMOST a nice lime green, but it resembled dirty diaper a bit too much for keeping. We figured we'll see this color enough as it is in this room. :-)

Mmmmm, primer is SO PRETTY!!! :-)

The final color.

The "accent wall" as it is so commonly called on design shows. :-)

More pics to follow of the finished nursery- bedding and all. :-)


Zipidee said...

Such talent! Looks great but are we making new inroads so far as gender/color selections go? :~)

Leslie said...

Surely no one expected ME of all people, to go with conformity and do a pink nursery just because I'm having a girl!!! Silly people! :-) It's an aqua-ish blue, not straight blue-blue, so it's not totally boy. Drew and I both decided our one hard and fast rule for the nursery was that it wasn't going to be all pink - some was fine, but definitely not ALL pink.