Monday, April 21, 2008

What does one take?

So now that the nursery is done (and I'm having Braxton Hicks pretty regularly), our next task is getting the "hospital bag" ready. Everytime I think about it, I think about new things that I need to add to my list. Music (calming and upbeat - because I'm too antsy to listen to calming music the whole time I'm there), heating pads, night gowns, socks, slippers, shoes, toiletries, stuff for the baby, something to "focus on" while delivering (is there really an object that can help this go more easily?)... this list goes on and on.

Last night, I began having Braxton Hicks crazy frequently and close together. Enough that I was making the decision of whether or not to call the doctor. Called my pediatrician friend and she gave me some advice and a "when to call" rule that ended with, "Listen to your instincts. If you do everything I say and you're still worried, call the dr. That's what they're there for." Anwyay, they began subsiding shortly after that call, so no real emergency. However, I've already had two this morning.

Maybe I should make that "hospital bag" more a reality than a theoretical list.....



unclewesty said...

focus point - take a magic marker and color the end of your nose. Watch it intently. You will either be focused or pass out. Works both ways.

Zipidee said...

Saturday we go to the airport to pick up Evan --- 22 years and still looking forward to his arrival :~)