Monday, April 14, 2008

The Results Show

We finally finished the nursery!!!
Here are some pics with furniture and all (ok, so there will still be more pics hung and a rocker added somewhere, but you get the gist...). It also includes the loot from our Georgia baby shower. Laura Kate was a fabulous little cousin and carried it all upstairs for me. :-)

Mama made these curtains for me. She turned the valances that came with the bedding into these based solely on my "I want this and this and this, and this might look ok" type of instructions. :-) So talented!

This is going to be our changing table. It's an old wash basin that was Drew's grandmother's. I painted the letters of Tucker's name to match the patterns in the bedding. If you look closely in the mirror, you can see Tucker. :-) tee-hee!
This is the dresser I found at the church consignment sale. So far, it's getting quite full of clothes so tiny it's hard to imagine a REAL human could EVER fit into them. :-)




Zipidee said...

Looks great! Hope that's an 'Educational' TV ;~)

Leslie said...

Yeah, the TV's for Mama while she's nursing. It leaves the room as soon as baby is old enough to want to watch one - so we can better regulate that kind of thing.

Zipidee said...

Good luck on that regulate thing ;~)

Leslie said...

Yeah, I know - pie in the sky and all. :-)