Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day

This year marked our first Mother's Day "out of belly". :) (As I see it, we had our first Mother's Day last year, but since very few other people saw it that way - as can be noted by some comments I got last year - Tucker and I celebrated that one just the two of us. haha)
Drew had his last Sunday at the church in Decatur on Mother's Day, so T and I decided to spend the morning lounging and playing in the living room. As Murphy and his crazy law would have it, about 10 minutes after Drew left for church, Tucker took a spill and whacked her lip open. Blood gushing, baby and Mommy crying and I couldn't tell in all the frenzy from where the blood was coming. Once I finally saw it was her lip (not her gums or a tooth knocked out or back in as Scott proved can happen), I calmed down and called Drew back. (He was turning around and heading back in response to my first frantic "The baby is bleeding and I can't tell where from" phone call. haha) Anyway, the rest of the day was just lovely, including when Drew handed T my Mother's Day cards and she handed them too me (melt my heart!!!).
Absolutely NO personality in this child at all. :)
If you look at the lefthand side of her lip (her left), you can see it's a little bit swollen and you can see the red line running from her lip to her nose from the split. Poor thing.

The "money shot" of her "I love Mommy" onesie spotted with her blood. The perfect image for my first Mother's Day. ha!

After a nap on Mommy's chest, she was right as rain. :)

She has the sweetest smiles!!!


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