Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have a video update for you folks!
The first is just my letting Tucker try to get at the camera. It's some pretty cute close-up video of her expressions. :)

This is Tucker's truck that her Nana got her. We were afraid to put her on it for a while becuase it doesn't have a seatbelt to hold her on, but she LOVES it. She's already figured out how to push herself around and she constantly hits the buttons making it crank, honk its horn, and back up.

This last video is my favorite! Tucker now understands, "Give me a kiss!" They are the slobbery-est kisses EVER, but they are SO SWEET. Once she starts giving them, you'll be hard pressed to get her to stop. Mouth open, tongue out, and then she makes eye contact with you while she goes in for the kill. It's fabulous!!!


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Angie Pitre Lanoux said...

What personality!