Monday, August 23, 2010

Meme Mondays and a Winner!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!

(I find that if I fake awakeness and chipperness long enough, sometimes it sets in for real. ;) tee-hee)

I thought that for our meme today, we'd do some "getting to know you" in the most random way possible, since I've gotten some new followers recently. Today, our game is going to come in the form of completely random questions. :)

For those of you who don't know, a meme is something that gets passed around the internet (like a viral video). In its truest form, I would put the questions (and my answers) here and all of you would put the questions and YOUR answers on your own blogs, and your readers would then do the same on their blogs, etc. I'd LOVE it if you'd do that (and please link back to me if you do). But if you don't have a blog or aren't into TRUE memes, you can just post your answers in the comments section. :)

1.) What is your favorite "stress relief" activity?

*Other than listening to Tucker's laughter, which is immediate stress relief for me, I'd say crafting - sewing, scrapbooking, painting. It's nice to put my focus on something rather than letting my brain run away with the stress, and in the end I have something to show for my effort. :)

2.) What is your biggest pet peeve?

*Snottiness (And I don't mean runny noses - I have a two year old. I'm used to those.) I can't STAND people being snippy and rude to others for absolutely no reason - snide remarks, eye rolling, doing the judgemental "looking up and down" - ugh, I can't STAND that!

3.) What is one song that you can listen to that lifts your spirit and energy every single time?

*"Let's Stay Together" by Al Green - I'm not sure why, but this song speaks to me (has for years and years and years). Something in the beat and his soulful singing just warms me up and gets me dancing and smiling. :)

4.) What was your favorite activity in gym class when you were a kid?

*I had FORGOTTEN until this weekend, when I was at a church camp grounds for my scrapbooking weekend and there was a tetherball pole set up outside. I used to LOVE tetherball! I rocked at it (and as I discovered this weekend, I'm still pretty darn good). I'm considering asking Drew to put one up in our back yard. haha!

5.) What does your favorite t-shirt say on it? (It can be your favorite because of what it says OR just because it's very comfy.)

*My all-time favorite is my University of Alabama Wesley Foundation shirt from freshman year in college (which I still cram myself into regularly - thank goodness we used to wear them bigger than they do now). It says, "And he shall raise them up on trunks of elephants... or something like that." (The UofA mascot is an elephant in case you didn't know. Helps with the joke.)

But my CURRENT favorite has a little baby chick wearing glasses and says, "Chicks with Brains". :)


And now onto the winner of our Free4All Friday!!! (I apologize for the day's delay, but I was at a scrapbooking retreat! Yipee!) I used to generate a winner from 31 entries. (I deleted one non-entry comment.) And the winner is (drumroll, please)...

#17 - Jane Anne said...
This is the first post I've read and I just started following you. Anything for my Starbucks! I hope I win!

Congratulations, Jane Anne! Glad you've joined my blogosphere and hope to get to know you better! Email me your address and I'll get the card in the mail to you!

Don't forget to answer the Meme Monday questions - either on your own blog and post a link in my comments (as a TRUE Meme is done) OR just post your answers right here in the comments section.

Love & Shipoopies,


Brandie said...

I will post this on my blog later (but right now I'm on borrowed time as it is, Nolen and Anna are alone downstairs)...
1. My favorite stress relief activity is to read in a really hot bath by candle light or to sewing/painting.
2.My biggest pet peeve is a lack of manners (so much so that one of the first signs, after more or eat of course, I teach my children is please and thank you...and then I expect them to use it).
3. I can listen to anything by Bob Marley or Jack Johnson and find myself getting happy!
4. My favorite activity from gym class is Dodgeball...I could have gone pro if there is such a thing. I think it's because I am such a tiny target.
5. My favorite T-shirt used to be a Superman shirt that said "save me" on the back (it was the shirt that I scored a 100 on my College algebra final in, found out I was pregnant in, and then also got proposed to it became my lucky shirt for now), but now it's the shirt with a Stegasouras on it that has a bright red handprint on its's face and a T-rex who has this written above it's head, "I didn't slap you, I high-fived you in your face".

Jane Anne said...

Oh, I am so excited!! What a wonderful thing to see on Monday morning!

Did you go to the University of Alabama? Me too! Roll Tide! Can't wait for football to start.

Myya said...

Congrats to Jane Anne!
I might come back & post about your Meme but right now I've got my kiddos & nieces - so 5 girls 7 & under running around my house. IF I started who knows if I'g get to finish :)

Anonymous said...

1. My favorite stress relief activity is listening to music.
2. My biggest pet peeve is people who criticize the way things are done but aren't willing to do anything themselves.(do it for me but do it MY way!)
3. There isn't one song that lifts my spirits.....SONGS lift my spirits. Music playing in the background is very motivating. I clean house better with music. I grade papers better with music. I plan lessons better with music. Music puts me in a better mood. That said, my favorites are old Beatles, Chad & Jeremy, Patsy Cline, Mamas and Papas, etc.
4. Favorite activity in gym: I also loved tetherball...and 4 square. I HATED dodgeball.
5. My favorite t is a Special Olympics shirt that says "helping ourselves by helping others".

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I remember tetherball! We used to have a pole in our back yard...I wasn't very good though!

Leslie said...

Bradie - We're BIG on please and thank you in the Bowers household as well. :)

Jane Anne - Yes I did. Roll Tide Roll, baby! What year did you graduate?

Mama (aka anonymous) - Amen on your pet peeve! If you're gonna complain, you better be ready to take it over! Also, music for everything - you KNOW I agree! And on the PE - I agree on all those games!