Monday, August 16, 2010

Well, folks, this is as organized as I can make myself be...

I thought all day for some brilliant blog topic. Want to know what I came up with?


I even made a list over the weekend while in the car (more in a tidbit to follow) of possible blog topics, but none of them are doing it for my brain today. So instead, you're getting complete randomness. (To those of you who actually know me, this is pretty par for the course in my universe, but I do TRY to get my act together for my blog.)

So bloggy friends, welcome to the REAL Leslie. I'm completely random. Ask anyone. I even begin probably 50% of my stories (and phone calls) with, "This is completely random, but..."

*Last month, the 'rents came for a visit and after church on Sunday, while we were waiting on everyone to finish with after-church duties (when you're married to a church employee, leaving church takes WAY longer than the average congregant) my dad said something to the effect of, "The weight you've lost really shows - especially in your face and legs. I'm proud of you." How sweet is THAT?!?

*We went this weekend to Alabama (or as T says, "Alabama Roll Tide") to see the 'rents and other family members and friends. We had a crazy 24 hour trip (another side-effect of working in the church). We drove over post dinner Friday night and came back at bedtime Saturday. It was fun while we were there, but oh that travel wears me OUT! (I HATE being in the car for more than about 10 minutes. Once you cross the 2 hour mark, I get antsy. When we get past 3 hours, I get panicky and a teensie bit grumpy. If you go past that, you better sedate me.) On Friday night, we added to our normal trip time picking up my great, great uncle to join us on the trip; a friggin monsoon for about an hour of the trip; a tire low on air (and an ensuing search for an air pump along the way - harder than you'd think to find one these days); baseball on the radio and a radio "station" that was so fuzzy I am seriously questioning the use of the word "station" to name it.

*I HATE listening to sports on the radio. Maybe even more than I hate running. (We've been through that here, so that should give you a pretty good guage.)

*I HATE listening to ANYTHING through static.

*I'm glad I took my Uncle Johnny (he was married to my Munner's - that's my grandmother - Aunt Kakie, who was only 5 years older than Munner, so they were more like best friends) to visit with my Munner. They haven't seen each other in a few years and I see him occassionally because his granddaughter and I (we're about the same age) have gotten back in touch and become close friends - Hi, Paige - and he always mentions how long it's been since he's seen her. I enjoyed getting to know a little more about him ('cause as a kid, what I gleaned was a. He had a motorcycle, b. he had a tatoo on his arm, c. he was basically the sweetest guy I ever met). The rain and road noise (and the fact that both he and I are a bit hard of hearing) made discussion a bit difficult, but it was still enjoyable. But poor guy, we didn't LEAVE to come home until about 15 min after his latest bedtime. That's probably the latest he's ever walked in his door. :)

*Somebody taught my daughter the "B-U-T-T" word. We've used anatomically correct words for all her body parts, but for that one, we chose "bottom" because butt can so quickly turn into so much disrespect and sass. Somehow, a 2 year old saying "butt" just seems WRONG. But the other day, I was changing her diaper and she pointed and said, "That's my butt." I said, "You mean your bottom?" She said, "No, it'smybutt."

*Tucker LOVES talking. (I have no IDEA where she gets this!) She names everything, talks to and about everything, and says goodbye to everything. The grocery store I go to regularly is one that has the "car" attached at the handlebars to strap your kid in with a grocery basket in front of the car. This is somehow MUCH more tolerable to a 2 year old than your basic grocery cart. And although she'd rather walk than ride in anything (but this is NOT possible yet in a grocery store - so many things to take off the shelves), by the end of each trip, she has fallen in complete LOVE with her "car". Somedays she cries when I take her out of it, but most days, we part ways with the "car" by her saying of her own accord, "Bye bye, Car. See ya later." Such a funny kid!

*I've decided to start a crafting day each week on my blog. I'll be sharing some kind of craft I've done or am doing. It will probably be a lot of scrapbooking pages, but as I do other crafts (Oooh, just wait until I pull out my Christmas decorations!), I'll share them as well. It's a way to share a bit of myself with you. (And heck, if you like any of them enough to want one, I'm in business, baby!) Tee-hee! Just a little something to look out for!

Ok, that's enough randomness for today. I promise to come up with SOMETHING better tomorrow.

Love & Shipoopies,


He & Me + 3 said...

Good you start a craft a week and I will make your ideas at my monthly craft club. Deal :) Keep them's me we are talking about.
I hate to run too. So glad it is paying off though. Nice compliment from your dad.
I hate static too...Radio disney is full of it and my kids always want it on. Headache.

Camily said...

Yay--glad you're back! Love the randomness and can't wait to see the craftiness.
Woo hoo on losing weight!
And, I secretly like listening to my local sports radio station, not to the games on the radio, but to them talking about football. But I don't want my husband to know because then he'll expect me to listen and I only want to listen on my terms! I know. Weirdo--that's me!