Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Little Bookworm

Imissed the beginning (and most thorough) of the reading, but...

I caught Tucker reading this book to herself. There's quite a bit of nonsense, but an amazing amount of it is pretty accurate. I'm putting the actual text below the video. Did I mention how adorable I think my child is?!?

A funny thing happened on Sesame Street one Easter, not long ago.
Bees were buzzing and birds were singing.
The flowers were starting to grow.

Elmo woke up and yawned and said, "It's a beautiful, sunny day!"
Then he went to put on his slippers -- and one of them hopped away.
As Ernie was reading the paper, something furry hopped over the funnies.
When Bert went to start the spring cleaning, the closet was chock-full of bunnies!

Grover was playing baseball. A rabbit was under his cap.
Henry was coloring Easter eggs. A bunny leaped into his lap!

While zoe was planting her garden, she found bunnies filling her shed.
As Cookie was looking for jellybeans, he found bunny rabbits instead.

Where had these bunnies come from? Nobody really knew.
Oscar found three in his trash can! What was a grouch to do?

Hoots was playing his saxophone when out of it popped a bunny.
As Prairie Dawn ate her cereal, a rabbit knocked over the honey!

"What's goign on?" people shouted. "It's becoming a funny habbit.
Everytime we turn around, we find a bunny rabbit!"
Big Bird rounded the corner. Here's what they heard him say --
"Has anyone seen my bunnies? They seem to have run away!"

He sat on the stoop and said sadly, "They were all in this basket I made!
They must've jumped out of this hole here. Who will hop in the Easter parade?"
Then he noticed his friends holding bunnies, so he handed each one a hat.
"Let's all go and march together!" he said
And everyone did just that!

Love & Shipoopies,

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