Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Hidden Meaning

I'm always curious when I hear commercials if others listen to them as critically as I do.  I mean, I don't intend to be critical, but sometimes the "hidden meaning" behind what they are saying is too obvious to not mock it just a little.  You know, like when a store advertises "Everything up to 50% off!"  You know technically, that could mean that nothing in the store is on sale AT ALL, right?!?  Because 0% off falls into the "up to 50% off" category.  Tricky, tricky...  Here are some other commercials I've heard or seen lately that have prompted my ScoobyDoo ears to say, "Uuuurrrrrrghhhhh?"

*One particular chicken chain has recently been advertising their "popcorn chicken" saying something to the effect of, "Those other guys have chicken NUGGETS.  What part of the chicken IS a nugget anyway?  Here at KFC, we serve succulent, juicy POPCORN chicken." 

Umm, dude, what part of a chicken is the popcorn, anyway?!? 

*A local car dealership advertisement I heard on the radio the other day claimed, "Open until 10:30... even later if we know you're coming!"

Who the HECK buys a car at 11pm at night?!?  I mean, yes staying open until 9 is probably VERY helpful to some people who have full time jobs and kids to feed and bathe and can't get to the dealership until like 7:30 or 8 and still need some time to look.  But past 10:30 at night?!?  REALLY?!?  Remind me to never apply to be a salesman at THAT place!!!

*And then there's Moe's.  And trust me when I say, the Bowers fam consumes its fair share of Moe's.  My husband could eat it every single meal of every single day and never get sick of it.  But I heard an advertisement the other day discussing their amazing meat options as "grass-fed cows, cage-fed chicken, and pulled pork!" 

Does that translate to anyone else as "super healthy cows, amazingly cared-for chickens, and... ah heck, pigs'll eat ANYTHING so who cares?!?!!!"  hahahaha!

Do you guys ever do this?  What are some of YOUR favorite commercials with hidden meanings?

Love & Shipoopies,

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