Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest we think she's not paying attention...

Tucker LOVES to "read" her books to us.  For a long time her stories all began, "Cinderella (or whichever character) was a kind and beautiful."  Now she's started picking up other parts of stories she's been read and throwing them in.  My favorite parts?  "Who's been benning in my house?!?"  and the fact that she is SO PLEASED with herself for putting monsters in the story.  So funny!

Happy Friday!  One more week for me at this job!  Woot!!!

Love & Shipoopies,

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Camily said...

Precious! I love her sweet voice and the "ooooh" (serious face, then big smile) after the monsters! I just left you another comment on your new job post. I'm so happy for you! And T is precious!! Love her!