Friday, January 30, 2009


I have more snippets than stories I suppose, but they are all vivid!

*Lying on the living room floor after dinner, watching M.A.S.H. while Grandad and Munner drank their glass of wine
*Grandad sleeping, mouth open, on the couch
*Trying on Grandad's class ring (on BOTH of my thumbs to fill it up)
*Grandad trying to get lights on the tree at MawMaw and PawPaw's for Christmas
*Going with Grandad and Munner to the Trade School at night for the GED classes they taught (how admirable is that?!?)
*Grandad coming home from somewhere where he found a surplus store with bolts of strange fabric, a gazillion buttons, and other random bits of stuff in large quantities
*His DECA barbies strone about the basement
*Walking with him up the hill to look at an old car in Thunder's old pin - he was thinking of fixing it up for me and was going to show it to me. The way up there, we just talked about this and that. It was very nice (and a week or two before he passed).
*His leathery skin and huge hands
*Curling up in his lap right before he fell asleep on the couch so I could stay curled up for his whole nap. :-)
*Grandad and my other Grandad sitting in chairs by the pool, smoking and talking

It's funny. He is such a part of me, but when I tried to think of specific stories, I have very few. It's just these tiny moments, feelings, smells, etc. I have one very vivid dream that I have had multiple times of him since he passed - where he comes to see us, but I'm the only one who can see him. Hmmmm..


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