Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pic Catch-up

Finally figured out the new (and "easier") upgrade of my photo software. :-) ha! Here's some pics from the last few weeks.

Tucker's "Daddy Shirt" outfit that I (well, alot of Paige as well) made for her :-D

Enjoying bathtime -- She splashes like crazy! I almost always need to change into dry clothes afterwards. :-) ha!

Eating her pink rubber duckie (from Granna)
*Please note the flexibility of this girl!


Mandapooh said...

how sweet!

Zipidee said...

Great pics. I guess Dad hasn't flown the 'Puking Plane' yet. There's time ;~)

Leslie said...

Actually, we have done a puking plane more than once. But she has so much fun doing it that we keep taking our chances. :-) ha! If you could hear her cackle while flying, you'd see just how worth the puke it is. :-D

Zipidee said...

When your grandfather would return from an overseas tour, usually Iceland or Spain, He had to wrestle the 4 of us(before Randy & Nan). After the mega battle which he always won He'd lay on his back take hold of your hands put his feet in your stomach lifting you off the ground suspended over him. You were 'Flying'. We used to totaly wear him out. It was so a favorite activity for me that I carried on the tradition 'Flying' Brendan & Evan at the same time.
Yeah I can hear her cackle.