Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At some point in the not so distant past, Munner gave me these two singing bears. They are pretty stinking adorable, but not NEARLY as adorable as Tucker playing with them. When she first discovered them, she watched them hypnotically like 6 times in a row - just wide-mouthed staring, trying to figure them out. Then suddenly, she broke out some new dance moves. The hip movement rivals one of those hula girls you can suction on your dashboard, and I have no idea where (or why) she learned the one hand up thing, but that's persisting in dancing these days. Now the bears are the first thing we find when we come into the living room (after breakfast or after daycare).
She has, of course, finally figured out how to turn these kinds of toys on by herself. (She hadn't quite gotten it with the ghost over Halloween, but she's got it down pat now.) I told Drew we're going to be SO SICK of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" before Christmas is over ('cause she'll play that sucker 20 times in a row without batting an eye), but we both decided that if this kind of dancing keeps up, it will be well worth it. :)

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