Monday, November 16, 2009

Meme Monday

Five Questions

Today it's some get to know you questions - nothing so personal you don't want to put it out in cyberspace, I promise. :) Answer the questions in my comments, and then post the questions on your own blog to learn more about your blog readers. :) Just number your answers to coincide with the question's number. :)

Let's talk dreams:

1.) What's your DREAM day (the activities, not the date)?

2.) What's your DREAM way to make a living (doesn't have to be a REAL job - just if you could make a living doing anything at all, what would that be)?

3.) Do you remember your DREAMS? If so, are they normal or crazy?

4.) Tell me a DREAM you remember.

5.) What's the DREAM item on your Christmas list this year (the thing you REALLY want, not necessarily the thing within anyone's budget)?

Have fun!!!


Leslie said...

1.) My dream day would involve sleeping in, a 10 pound loss on the scale (tee-hee), IHOP for breakfast (without gaining back the 10 pounds), a craft/art fair in an outdoor setting (with Drew, Tucker, and money to spend), a baby sitter for the evening, dressing up for dinner and dancing with my hubby, a good steak, and tiramisu.

2.) My dream way to make a living would be crafting. Of course, it's hard (if not impossible) to make a living doing that, but it's just what I love to spend my time doing - scrapbooking, making stuff for the house, sewing (with my limited abilities), painting walls, etc. That and playing around with Tucker. Anyone want to pay me to do that? Anyone?

3.) I DO remember my dreams and they are almost always CRAZY (though not as crazy as my dad's).

4.) The most recent dream I remember I'm hoping was a premonition, not just a dream. :) I dreamed that I entered some contest and won the "$400 prize that was SECRETLY a $20,000 prize" (They kept calling it that.) So anyway, we won $20,000 and we were notified by a helicopter landing in the cul de sac and four people in like Navy Seal garb (black wet-suit, secret agent kind of stuff) with balloons and cameras like the Publisher's Clearing House. And that's a pretty normal dream for me. They're usually crazier than that. :) ha!

5.) My dream gift for Christmas would be EITHER my debt paid off in one lump sum (yeah, we're workign Financial Peace, but one big lump pay-off sure would be nice), OR a new job that made as much as this one but that I didn't dislike so much - OR BOTH! :) (Hey, I didn't say it had to be realistic. )

Brandie said...

1. Dream Day, the Hubby and I get to sleep in and our kids magically sleep in to thirty minutes after we wake so that we can have an Adult Breakfast without the rush. A beautiful day at a park (maybe Central?) with a picnic, and dinner and a movie sans kids.
2. Dream job, I think being a librarian, or just getting paid to read all day! I'm sure they have to do more than just be knowledgeable about books, but I only want to do it if that's all I have to do!
3. I have crazy dreams...really crazy dreams.
4. I once dreamt that I went into labor in the movies, and I laughed my baby into the large popcorn bucket.
5. Hubby home for Christmas...or... this really snazzy necklace from Tiffany's that we can't afford!

Zipidee said...

1.) Christmas Day at my dads'. Ya'll were all there and Dad reigned supreme.
2.) Creating things for people useing my skills, homes, decks, kitchens, without the hassels of selling the idea or collecting the money.
3.) Don't remember dreams.
4.) See 3.)
5.) Some work