Monday, November 09, 2009

Prayer Requests

While I'm on the blog posting Meme Monday (read the blog below this one), I thought I'd use this venue to get some prayer chains going.
Request #1: Tucker is having tubes put in (AGAIN) tomorrow. It's a "minor surgery" but it does invovle general anesthesia, so it's still scary for Mommy. :)
Request #2: For those of you that don't yet know, some dear friends of ours, Scott and Laura Martin, had their twin boys, Joseph and Campbell, last Saturday. They were due Mid February, so they were only 24 weeks (though the dr. said size-wise they were closer to 26 weeks, so that was good). They are both still fighting through and for this we are grateful. Campbell has had 2 surgeries, so please pray for his recovery, healing, and continued development. Joseph has an infection that they think is increasing his heart rate and his bili levels (jaundice). Please pray that the antibiotics heal his infection and for his continued development as well.
The boys are currently at different hospitals (making a hard situation even harder for Mom and Dad) and Mom and Dad are trying to get back to work so they can use their maternity/paternity leave in January when the boys are hopefully able to come home from the hospital. This family could use your CONTINUEd prayer. They have MONTHS of difficult times ahead, so if you could add them to your church's long-term prayer lists and to your OWN PERSONAL long-term prayer list, it will be prayer-time well-spent. :)
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